Wyoming Chapter

American Meteorological Society


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    The Wyoming Chapter of the American Meteorological Society, located in Laramie, WY, is the only local chapter in the entire state.  This local chapter was founded in 1987, and re-established in 2005 after a period of inactivity.  It is the first chapter to be located at the University of Wyoming, as the previous was part of the National Weather Service, and is proud to be co-located with the National Science Foundation's Wyoming King Air Research Aircraft. 

    The chapter's main focus is to promote a fun and positive environment for everyone interested in weather and who wish to be a part of the atmospheric science community.  The chapter is open to anyone in the community but is primarily made up of students from the University of Wyoming.  Currently there are approximately 10 active members, including graduate and undergraduate students.  Dues are collected once a year to fund travel to conferences, to help participate in community and charity fundraisers/activites, and any end-of-the-year "get-togethers".   Dues are $10 per year. 

    Members are encouraged to join the National AMS chapter.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact any officer, emails can be found on the Officers page.


Welcome to the Wyoming Chapter of the

American Meteorological Society!

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